Who We Are?

The Bodybarn Personal Health and Fitness Training Studio is a fabulous facility which enhances the local community in and around Stockbridge, Hampshire. Both owner and Personal Trainer, Michael Bonnar developed his passion for sport, education, nutrition and training to help those find optimal wellness. Michael follows a simple process to wellness; eat real food, exercise appropriately, sleep well and reduce stress. There is nothing new in what he practices and in fact the principles are very old but he applies them effectively to himself and to his clients. The results are evident…feeling better, performing well and looking great!

Our Personal Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is about you making a conscious decision to change aspects of your lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals. Together with your coach we structure a plan and act on it. We take a lifestyle whole body approach so that our clients will see and feel the personal training benefits within weeks. With your motivation, commitment and training you can achieve anything you desire in life! Changing your life is a journey that should not be rushed but rather savoured and enjoyed. We will be there to keep you on the right path, support you, encourage you to find your motivatation and make sure you enjoy every step along the way. Are you ready to take the leap and start living your life feeling healthier, stonger and happier?

Improve health → Improves Performance → Improves Appearance

We will help you to improve health and overall holistic wellness through:

  • Balance of wholefood nutrition
  • Apply functional exercise to daily life
  • Improve circadian sleep patterns for improved rest, recovery and growth (including hormone balance)
  • Reduce daily stress levels

Try something different and you will achieve different results. You are a unique chemistry set with individual needs therefore, we must experiment continually to find what combination of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle change works. See our blog for continual updates of supportive information and recipes.

Personal Training Benefits

What Bodybarn Health & Fitness can do for YOU!

  • Receive personalised workouts by a qualified and educated personal trainer.
  • Teach you how to train to maximise potential and increase strength, power, flexibility and balance.
  • Reach your fitness and weight-loss goals while developing strategies for injury prevention.
  • Challenge you in new and different ways each workout. You will never do the same workout twice!
  • Provide you with an energising and motivating workout atmosphere in our truely private studio.
  • Utilise Online Coaching software to record and analise your performance & progress



Personal Trainer

“To change one must do something different”

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